Hi, my name is James Mitchell

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I have been working in the information technology space for over 20 years. And while I have not had the most glamorous career or the most lucrative contracts with high rolling clients and employers, I can say that I have fought hard to get to where I am today.

Hired to solve problems, paid well to do it quickly, and gain a respectable reputation for doing it right .. the first time.

I currently work for Ericsson in their Duluth, GA office and I absolutely love it. I have been offered a lot of other jobs since joining Ericsson .. some with more money .. some with better benefits, but I just love working here. The people are great, the technologies we use are relevant, and the commute .. you can't beat a 20 to 25 minute one-way commute in a city as large as Atlanta, GA!

However, that does not preclude me from helping other clients that may need my expertise. One great example of that is I am currently helping another client find stability and performance from their online (mostly) api-driven site. They had been seeing a steady increase of client traffic, paralleled with an exponentially slower search capability. over the last few years and had recently hit a bottleneck they just couldn't get past. And so .. ♬ .. I came in like a wrecking ball!! ♬. But .. in a good way.

Within 6 hours I was able to hunt down the issues with their site and the next morning they made the suggested changes and the site performance was increased by 466%. The main search query before my changes was taking several minutes and after my change, they were nearly instant .. milliseconds.

Just a few of my clients over the last 10 years ...

  • Ericsson


    MediaFirst TV Platform

    Among the vast array of products and services offered by Ericsson, Monaco UI is the name of the administrative application used to manage backend data and services for their client's movies-on-demand and videos-on-demand offerings. I work on a talented team of engineers as we move forward with developing new features that integrate with with new and existing services/APIs. Monaco UI will eventually become part of the product offering on the cable side of Ericsson's MediaFirst TV Platform
  • IHG

    Hotels Group

    Rewards Club

    Loyalty is big business. Keeping customers happy and coming back can make or break a company in such a competitive market. IHG knows this all too well and I enjoyed working with a large group of like-minded engineers helping to build and maintain IHG's Rewards Club website.
  • Primedia

    Primedia/Consumer Source

    Many of the brands owned and operated by Primedia/Consumer Source share a common codebase. I enjoyed working with the great folks over in Norcross. I learned some valuable lessons about people and put a few new tools in my tool (skills) bag.
  • Manheim

    Cox Enterprises


    OVE.com is Manheim's 24/7 online wholesale vehicle marketplace with the largest selection of inventory in the industry. I learned a lot in the 3 years with them including what Agile software development is really about instead of the cafeteria style pick-what-you-want approach that so many other companies seem to allow.
  • LeasePlan


    As the world's leading vehicle management provider, LeasePlan is in a constant struggle to improve it's customer experience through innovative IT strategies. My primary role with LeasePlan was to assist in the design and development of a new web-based portal application that combines many of their current Truck Remarketing initiatives.
  • CipherTrust



    Acquired in August 2006 for over 270 M$ by Secure Computing Corp, which was subsequently acquired by McAfee in 2008, CipherTrust is the global market leader in messaging security and provides layered security solutions to stop inbound and outbound messaging threats. My role with CipherTrust was as a Senior Java Engineer with the APD (Advanced Product Development) and Research team.

Contact Details

Telephone: (404)585.1192
Email: jmitchtx@gmail.com
Website: www.jamesmitchell.us

"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it"

‐ Dennis P. Kimbro

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