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This site is the culmination of many days of hard work, late night coding sessions (as I'm typing this it's 12:26 am), thinking outside of the box and tedious note taking. I have a lot of interests and never enough time to scratch them all in a day ... or a week. There are quite a few projects and tools that I maintain in addition to my day jobs, so please have a look around and like, follow, subscribe to whatever might pique your interest. I have created/hacked/hosted many personal sites over the years, but I've never spent this much time putting everything I work on and everything that interests me :D

That's right, this site is all about me!

Contact Details

Telephone: (404)585.1192
Email: jmitchtx@gmail.com
Website: www.jamesmitchell.us

"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it"

‐ Dennis P. Kimbro

Learning Rails

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